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Pre-Potted Planters

and Pottery 

We have pre-potted planters for those who want quick color! You can use both our indoor and outdoor styles to decorate porches, tables, decks, you name it! These also make great gifts if you want to spread some love. Get them delivered to you, your friends, or family!


Monthly Plant Subscription 

Fill those empty corners and brighten up those rooms! We offer once-a-month plant delivery. This contact-less delivery service will provide you with a beautiful new plant in a nice container to bring you joy every month.  


The Nashscapes

Online Plant Shop

Order your plants, soil, and fertilizers here! No more getting your car dirty or having to travel to nurseries to get better materials than the big box stores.


We help you keep it easy!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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