Here at Nashscapes, we aim to be as eco-friendly as possible.

We have several ways we stay close to zero waste. We...

  • Recycle our pots and containers by returning them to local nurseries.

  • Recycle our plastic and cardboard. We use an outside service for glass pickup and recycling. 

  • Use bulk mulch to cut down on bags from mulch. We recycle our soil bags through a company called Terracycle.  View their website here:

  • Recycle our pens, snack wrappers, and other hard- to - recycle items through Terracycle.

  • Use re-usable bags for weeds. debris. and dirt removal.

  • Create low maintenance landscapes - lowering the need for gas equipment, water, and pesticides. We keep our gas usage low by relying primarily on hand-pruning  


  • Purchase eco-friendly office products and refill our cleaning products from The Good Fill, a company local to East nashville. View their website here:

  • Compost our office food waste through Compost Nashville. View their website here:

Organizations We Support 

You can feel good knowing that your purchase benefits charity, the environment, and your community. 


We love to work with community gardens. If you are interested in us volunteering for your project, email us at