Our mission is to use greener practices and qualified employees to create custom designed landscapes in the greater Nashville area.  Our staff is friendly, easy to work with, and eager to bring you great results!


Getting started is easy! 

  • Mulching 

  • General Pruning

  • Hedge Pruning

  • Boxwood Pruning

  • Tree Pruning (20' and under) 

  • Hardscaping

  • Light Carpentry 

  • Custom Welded Trellises

  • Rock installation

  • Sod installation

  • Dirt Work

  • Brush removal

  • Patios

  • Light drainage work

  • Edible Gardens

  • Raised Garden Beds

  • Rain gardens

  • Pollinator gardens

  • Easy maintenance gardens

  • Garden maintenance

  • and more!

Getting started 

  • First, we schedule a consultation with you to evaluate your needs. You may email us at to schedule your consultation. When you schedule your consultation, we will spend approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour going over your landscape goals. It is welcome for you to have photos of plants you like or houses with landscapes you like. After we discuss your needs we can give you a ballpark simple estimate - free of charge! We are engaged with our current clients and often management is involved working in the field - responses may sometimes be delayed during the busy seasons or around holiday times. We will get back to you as soon as we can - and we are excited to work with you!

  • If your landscape requires more extensive redesign, a landscape plan, or a landscape design there may be a landscape design fee. We will discuss a fee price for your landscape redesign at the time of the meeting. This covers the time our designers spend designing and compiling your estimate and design in detail. Once you receive your detailed estimate, we go over any questions you have or change. Our minimum for landscape redesigns is $75. We are experienced designers and will bring you an effective result. A carefully planned landscape is truly the most cost efficient landscape. 

  • After all suitable changes are made, a client will be sent a final estimate for approval. After client digitally approves their landscape contract they will receive a bill for 50% of the deposit for the work. This must be paid before a client materials will be ordered and they are scheduled. It is common for a contractor to ask for a deposit upfront. Never pay a contractor for an entire job upfront.

  • We keep clients informed of their renovation start date as well as any changes that may occur with scheduling, such as weather occurrences or employee illness. We alert clients of our arrival daily and we keep them updated with pictures and details of their project through the course of the work. Clients will be able to do a walkthrough with the owner or a manager before the payment is due.

  • Clients must be prepared to pay for their job within 48 hours of their work being completed. We are a small business so we must collect payments after we ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with their new landscape!

Frequently asked questions

What services do you perform in the winter?

Winter is a fantastic time to hard prune shrubs and thin out trees and shrubs. This is the time of year that is much less stressful on plants to be cut significantly. For example, if you have a euonymous (evergreen shrub) you need cut back by 1/2 it's height, or you have a tree needing to be thinned, now is a great time! Hard cutbacks are harsh for shrubs and trees in the summer. Depending on the pruning and the health of the plant, you could see burn damage, pruning stress, and sometimes death. It is typically fine most times of the year to cut or thin a tree or shrub 1/4 up to 1/3 of it's growth. 

Is it okay to plant in the winter?

For certain plants, this is an amazing time! The temperature are very cool meaning plant's stress and thirst for water can be kept at a minimum. It is not advised to plant perennial flowers or dormant shrubs in winter, as you may not be able to gauge the full health of the plant while it is dormant, nor may a small perennial stand up to Tennessee's sometimes harsh winters. Things such as evergreen trees and shrubs do very well being planted while the temperatures are very mild.

Is it okay to plant in the summer?

As long as you will water, we feel confident to coach you having a project installed in summer. We are careful to consistently water throughout the day as we are working on your property. You must also be dilligent about watering. We recommend you water in the early morning with a schedule appropriate for the type, site conditions, and age of the install. 

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